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About Waskom Sacco

Waskom Sacco is a society based on the Co-operative Act organized and managed by an executive committee drawn from Sacco members who are employees of companies under Mini Group of companies.

It was formed on 26th June 2003 and registered under the Ministry of Co-operatives Development. The society is therefore governed by the Co-operatives Act and the society’s By-Laws. The society was initiated and founded by a founding committee initially of nine (9) members.


The main objectives of the Sacco are summarized as follows:

  1. Provide opportunities of investment for members.
  2. Encourage members to be self disciplined in financial planning, saving and capital formation.
  3. Utilize the said capital and any borrowed loans in enterprising and productive activities.

Our Vision

A dynamic Sacco increasingly responding to the capital formation and credit needs of its members.

Our Mission

Empowerment of members economically by encouraging capital formation to uplift their social and economic standards.

Our Motto

United we Stand in connecting members to savings and credit facilities.